Contact information for CVR-OC and CCPS

Carver Owners Club (CVR-OC) can be contacted at CarverOwnersClubCVR-OC
Carver Owners Club Events can be contacted at CarverOwnersClubEvents
Club Carver Parts and Service (CCPS) can be contacted at CarverOnePartCCPS

CVR-OC and CCPS – Clubs with a difference!

There are two “Clubs” dedicated to Carver owners worldwide – both of which are based in the UK. The two clubs focused on different aspects of Carver ownership.

Carver Owners Club - CVR-OC

CVR-OC is the membership, events and general news club for all Carver owners. Owners of every variant of Carver, based anywhere in the world, can join the club and membership is free. The Club President is Jonathan and the Events Coordinator is Angie.
We also keep a register of Carver owners and a register of who is looking to buy or sell a Carver.

Club Carver Parts and Service - CCPS

CCPS is a separate club concept, it deals specifically with the supply of parts and servicing for Carver One vehicles. CCPS is not a business, but instead is privately run on a “not for profit” basis. Income from sales of parts is invested in re-stocking new and replacement parts - and to fund extensive research and development for upgrades and enhancements. CCPS has been set up by a Carver owner, for Carver owners, to ensure continued supply of parts and servicing for Carver One vehicles worldwide.

Nigel, together with the assistance of some very experienced engineers, heads up CCPS.

With years of Carver ownership experience, CCPS also provide informal technical assistance to help owners and service agent (Carver in Elsass) with any maintenance issues or technical problems with their vehicles.
Carver Owners Club