What is a Carver One?

The Carver One is a two seater, tilting three wheeled vehicle using an automatic balancing technology to balance the passenger compartment under all conditions. For further information see WikiPedia.

There are only about 200 Carver One models and about 24 van den Brink Carvers

How far does it tilt?  45 degrees from vertical
What makes it tilt?  The mechanical steering and DVC (Dynamic Vehicle Control) System by Carver Technology
How fast does it tilt? 80 degrees per second
How Quick? 0-62MPH (100KM) Approx. 8 Seconds
How Fast? 115MPH (185KPH)
What driving license do you need? - Car
How much? Approximately £30K (35Euro)
How much fuel? Approximately 40-45MPG (5 litres per 100 kilometres)
How many in the UK? Approximately 24 (c.200 throughout the world)

The Carver and DVC (Dynamic Vehicle Control) are the invention of Anton van den Brink and his son Chris Van den Brink & Harry Kroonen,
Early test van den Brink tilting three wheel vehicle
1999 van den brink Carver prototype tilting three wheel vehicle
Driving tiltiing three wheel Carver and putting hand on floor
Early Carver Prototype
First van den Brink Carver Prototype in 1999
Limited run of initial c.24 van den Brink Carvers 2003
A three wheel tilting Carver One resytled by Phiaro in Japan
Bright red tilting three wheel Carver One
PAL-V ONE Personal Air and Land Vehicle ONE flying car based on a Carver One
Joint project between Carver and Phiaro (a one off)
Carver One c.200 made 2007, note different wheels, front spring, front arms etc to van den Brink Carvers
Pal-V the flying Carver
Carver Owners Club