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  • Carver Owners Club - Summer 2019 - Newsletter


    Black Forest 2019

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    We had an excellent time - 12 Carvers attended across the weekend and we visited another owner on the way to the event. Both the French and German roads were excellent (thanks Freddi (F) and Wolfgang (DE)), combinations of long sweeping bends and technical tight corners. The food and drink were also excellent, but I ate and drank too much. The event was really made though by the attendees from UK, France, Luxemburg, Germany and India who, despite not all speaking a common language, seemed to be able to communicate. Thanks all for attending.

    I am working on the video from the event.
    There are a couple of tasters on YouTube
    and the photos from the event can be found on social media in the links section

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    Quote “Dear Jonathan and Angie,
    I write this on my flight home, after my trip. 
    Excuse me if this sounds like an Oscar award winner’s speech. 
    I want to express heartfelt thanks to you both, Freddi, Wolfgang and all other members of the club who worked hard to make Black Forest 2019 a success. 
    You make it look easy year after year. I am sure it’s anything but that. The routes for both days were perfect for “Carvering”. 
    11 Carvers, tilting in and out of curves along those sinuous roads in formation is a sight to behold, like no other.  
    Kudos to COC for the great organisation, a special shout out to Nigel (Team CCPS) and Freddi (Carver in Elsass) for the great work they are doing of bringing so many Carvers to safe and reliable working condition. 
    Thanks to Freddi and Wolfgang for leading, patiently waiting junction after junction to make sure no one was lost. 
    And before signing off, cheers to all the participants. Everyone drove sensibly, and came home safely
    All in all, delighted and fortunate to have attended and met a lovely bunch of Carver pilots. 
    No doubt whatsoever, I can’t wait for the next meet. 

    Future Events

    Please let us know if you have any ideas for future events. Italy has already been mentioned for 2020 but also suggestions to go back to Spain or the Black Forest again and Norway has also been mentioned. Also, it would be great if other members can help organise to give me and Angie a break.

    It’s a tough life but….

    Founder and self-elected Club President, along with the events coordinator, visited members around the world.
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    We went on a holiday to New Zealand and whilst we were there, we visited past and present club members.
    We visited Peter and Karen who were the dealers / importers of the Carvers into New Zealand back in 2007, they only imported two carvers initially for themselves. They kindly let us park our hired motor home on their tennis court and we had a fabulous evening with them before moving on to visit Malcolm and Sammy.
    Mal is now in his 80s and loves his Carver; he uses it most weekends in the summer.  He was very kind and lent it to me and Angie so we took it for an eight hour drive covering 600 km When we got back they took us to their son’s house for a BBQ which was very lovely. We visited the other Carver which is now in the
    entrance of the Southward Motor Museum.  It used to belong to Dave who we visited in south Island where he sold us 80 original Carver caps.
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    On the way back from New Zealand we stopped off in Dubai / UAE and arranged to meet some of the members there. We met them in a shopping area, Ahmed turned up first and then Ali shortly after. We went for some cakes and coffee whilst we waited for Mubarak to arrive. These owners have been in touch with each other via WhatsApp but had never met in person!  It took me, the President, to travel around the world to get them to meet face to face. After the cakes and coffee, we went for a meal and Ali let Angie choose.  She picked Chinese.  We thought it was a bit odd having deserts first but then at least you are not too full of savoury food to eat the sweet food. One of the members kindly took some time out of their very busy work schedule to show us some of the sights of Dubai including a trip into the desert which was a great experience.  

    If you have any interesting Carver stories that you would like to share with other members, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    CVR-OC Membership update

    Membership of the club continues to grow slowly. We are now up to 152 Carver Ones in the Club out of the original c.200 that were built.
    We found four in one day as part of our Black Forest travels and were made aware of one that was destroyed.
    In addition, we have 11 of the original 24 hand-built Van den Brink Carvers. A fantastic achievement for the Club

    The club’s website 

    Carver Owners Club (CVR-OC)

    Please ensure that you visit the Club’s website as there is useful member information on it
    I am working on a better way to show the events and will send a mail out once I have that working.

    CVR-OC Links

  • Carver Owners Club - December 2018 - Newsletter

    Carver Owners Club


    Events from 2018

    Spain May 2018
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    Yet another excellent event in Spain. The roads were fantastic, the weather was very kind to us and we all sampled some delicious Spanish food. All participants had a great time and it was good to meet some new Carver owners too.
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    Wales July 2018
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    So, this year’s Welsh event was held at a new venue for the Club, in the beautiful countryside of mid-Wales. This gave us an excellent opportunity to drive some alternative, brilliant Welsh roads. Although the Carver ambulance had to be called for a radiator problem on one of our Dutch owners’ Carvers – this was fixed at the event and he got home without any further hitches.
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    Borders Sept 2018
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    We arranged a last-minute event around the English Lakes, Northumberland and the England / Scotland border. The event was enjoyed by all and we stayed in some lovely hotels. However, the president of the Owner’s Club discovered a problem with his clutch, which eventually led to the CCPS upgrade as mentioned later in this newsletter.
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    Events Planned for 2019

    May 2019 - Black Forest
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    We are considering having an event near the French / German border, around the Strasbourg area and the Black Forest. We are hoping to organise this in collaboration with Freddi from Carver-in-Elsass, who has in-depth knowledge of the best roads for this event. If you are interested in attending, please contact the events co-ordinator (Angie) as soon as possible to register your interest.
    July 2019 - Wales
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    We are very likely to be having another Welsh event back at the usual venue in the Snowdonia area of North Wales. This is normally held on the first weekend in July, so if you wish to attend make sure you put a note in your diary for the 5th – 7th July 2019.

    CVR-OC Membership update

    We are now up to 141 Carvers in the Club, out of the original 200 that were built. In addition, we have 11 of the original 24 hand-built Van den Brink Carvers. A fantastic achievement for the Club!

    Latest News from Club Carver Parts and Service (CCPS)

    Clutch Slave Cylinder Modificiation

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    CCPS have discovered several design issues with the original Carver One clutch slave cylinder. Basically, the cylinder and piston can separate, making the clutch inoperable. Having spent many hours analysing the issues and prototyping various solutions, CCPS have now come up with a definitive design. CCPS now offer an updated version of the slave cylinder on an exchange basis. We recommend all Carver One owners exchange their clutch slave cylinders at the earliest opportunity.

    CarverOne Club Germany

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    In 2011 a number of Carver owners formed a Club and decided to buy a stock of Carver One parts, to be held in Germany. As time passed, one by one the founding members left the Club and/or sold their Carvers. Earlier this year the remaining spares were offered for sale to the Club and CCPS have now bought these to add to the existing Carver One spares. The trusty Carver transit van was despatched to Strasbourg and the spares are now safely stored at our warehouse in Wales.

    CCPS Website Updates

    CCPS have recently updated their website with some new information which is useful to know - here's a summary of the updates:
    Stacks Image 522
    Our preferred performance front tyre, the Dunlop Sportmax D208, has now been discontinued. After a series of road tests under various conditions, CCPS has some new recommendations for a replacement. To avoid the disappointment of buying an unsuitable front tyre, it's definitely worth considering their advice - see 'Tech Tips' on the CCPS website.
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    If you've ever had the need to transport your Carver (for servicing, or after a breakdown) you will know that securing it to the transporter can be tricky. Most 3rd party transport companies struggle to find suitable locations for their standard ratchet straps, which can often result in some damage to the Carver. CCPS has therefore published a guide for securing a Carver for transport, including in the unfortunate circumstances where the Carver will no longer stay upright - see 'Carver Transportation' on the CCPS website.
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    We still see Carvers coming in for service with far too much DVC fluid in the tank, which causes flooding when the oil gets hot and can also block the air breather filter in the DVC tank. By following the clear set of instructions prepared by CCPS, the DVC fluid can be checked and adjusted to ensure the correct level is always maintained - see 'Tech Tips' on the CCPS website.

    Useful CCPS Documents to download

    We have several useful documents that you may wish to download and keep on your smart phone. You can take a look at these on the CCPS website by clicking here


  • CCPS Website updates – December 2017
    Hi all Carver Owners
    We are pleased to announce some updates to the Technical Tips and/or Downloads pages on the Club Carver Parts & Service (CCPS) website.
    The Carver One has a few idiosyncrasies (well it tilts for a start) which are definitely worth remembering when you drive a Carver. It’s likely most owners will already be aware of some, but maybe not all. CCPS have now compiled a document of these “Glitches & Gotchas” with a brief explanation for each – and this is now available to download from the website.
    Checking the DVC fluid level is something all owners should know how to do. But it’s not quite as easy as first appears and CCPS see many Carvers arrive in their workshops with incorrect DVC fluid levels. CCPS have now written a (hopefully) foolproof procedure for getting this right and we would encourage all owners to download the document for future reference.
    Both documents are on the Technical Tips and Download pages on the website – click either link below to view/download them. And if you are a Carver One Newbie, make sure you take a look soon!
    Regards, JB.
    Link to Technical Tips ….
    Link to Downloads …..
  • Attention all Carver One owners.
    On the 25th October 2017, the Club issued an email to all Carver One owners regarding a required safety check for the Carver One. If you are an owner and you have not received the email, please contact the Club at your earliest convenience. The Club can be contacted by email or Facebook message me (Jonathan Bedford) and please include your VIN number.
  • Improved Parts and Service supply for Carver Club Members
    A new facility for Carver One servicing and repairs has been set up in the UK, based in North Wales. The engineers have plenty of experience in working on Carvers and have developed several upgrades for the car to improve reliability and handling. Services also include full camber and tracking setup and front wheel alignment, main valve refurbishment & rebuilds, and 50-point service checks. This facility does not operate as a separate business, but instead has been privately established by Carver enthusiasts, who's primary aim is to help existing owners keep their cars flying the road.
    A new facility for Carver One servicing and repairs has been set up in the UK, based in North Wales. The engineers have plenty of experience in working on Carvers and have developed several upgrades for the car to improve reliability and handling. Services also include full camber and tracking setup and front wheel alignment, main valve refurbishment & rebuilds, and 50-point service checks. This facility does not operate as a separate business, but instead has been privately established by Carver enthusiasts, who's primary aim is to help existing owners keep their cars flying the road.
    In providing these services it became necessary to stock a range of Carver parts in the UK, so that owners' cars could be promptly serviced and repaired. Arrangements were made with 2Drive and ACU in Germany and a selection of Carver parts have already been shipped to the UK. These are now available for Carver owners ex-stock, with further stocks to follow over the coming months.
    This new arrangement for parts supply will be called the "Club Carver" scheme and is available to all members of the UK Carver Club. To qualify you must be a UK Carver Club Member and have supplied your VIN No, Address, Telephone Number(s) and Email address to the Club, together with a photograph of your Carver. There is currently no membership fee for the UK Club.
    As a Carver owner and member of the UK Club, Simon has volunteered as Club Carver Parts Coordinator, to be the principal contact for supply of Carver parts, liaising with the Welsh service facility and the parts warehouses in Germany and in the UK. The aim is to build an efficient parts supply service for all Carver owners, with Simon coordinating the various activities required to ensure parts are supplied as swiftly as possible.
    As we all know, the Carver One does require specialist knowledge in many areas of its operation and maintenance. The Club has close links with the technicians in Wales and can forward any queries to the relevant engineers and experts, ensuring the correct part is identified and then supplied. Any owners needing repairs and servicing should also contact Simon or myself, as we can log their request with the Wales service facility who will then respond directly with the owner.
    Please note that the Club Carver scheme runs complimentary to the existing UK Owners Club and the services already provided by Harry Studemann at 2Drive.
    The UK Club is keen to improve the facilities available for all Carver owners and we are sure that these new arrangements will help with owners' requirements for parts, servicing or both - so please get in touch with us in the first instance. I (Jonathan Bedford) can be messaged via Facebook.
    For any further information regarding this announcement, please feel free to email see Contact Info or message me via Facebook.
    Jonathan Bedford Club President - Carver Owners Club (CVR-OC)
  • Clarification on Carver Parts supply and Servicing. / Klärung der Carver Parts Versorgung und Wartung.
    Genuine OE (Original Equipment) Carver One parts are no longer available through service agents.
    Carver One parts are only available from CCPS and sold directly to Carver One Owners who are members of the Owners Club.

    Carver One Owners can get comprehensive Servicing at either CCPS which is located in the UK - North Wales, or Carver in Elsass which is located in France - near Strasbourg. Both CCPS and Carver in Elsass offer full advice on any parts required for your Carver One.

    Any questions, then please feel free to message me.
    Echtes OE (Original Equipment) Carver One Teil ist nicht mehr über Service-Agenten erhältlich.

    Carver One Parts ist nur bei CCPS erhältlich und wird direkt an Carver One Owners verkauft, die Mitglieder des Owners Club sind.

    Carver One Owners können sich umfassend anrufen, entweder bei CCPS, der sich in der UK - North Wales, oder Carver in Elsass Welches ist in France - in der Nähe von Strasbourg. Beide CCPS beide Carver in ElsassBieten Sie eine komplette Beratung für alle Teile für Ihre Carver One erforderlich.

    Irgendwelche Fragen, dann fühlen Sie bitte sich frei, Nachricht mir zu geben.
  • Carver Club Insurance Scheme (sorry UK owners only)
    To - UK Owners

    Thanks to Nigel at CCPS - through his contacts we have been able to set up a competitive Club Insurance scheme

    We have been working with Nigel’s contact Dave Spragg at MSM Insurance and we are now proud to announce the Club Scheme on the MSM Insurance website

    To access go to - hover over “PERSONAL” to see large menu, and Carver One is listed on far left – click there.

    Or go straight to the Carver One Insurance

    MSM Insurance can also be contacted on

    Tel: 01279 870535
    Fax: 01279 870636
  • Carver 10 Year event, small but perfect
    Four Carver Ones waiting to go to spain
    Photo - Carvers in Portsmouth
    So it looked like the event was going to be a disaster, as not many owners were going to attend, the weather looked really bad and the 24hr sea crossing was forecast to be rough to very rough.
    But we set off from three UK areas (Malton, Bradford & Pwllheli) with six people in five Carvers and met up just outside Portsmouth.
    Two white Carver Ones in the Spanish Sun
    Photo - French and UK Carvers
    When the UK contingent, along with Adrie from the Netherlands (whose Carver had been at CCPS for a service), arrived at the Hotel Miramar in San Vicente de la Barquera we met up with Freddi and his wife Janine from France bringing the people count up to eight in six Carvers.
    The hotel was a little dated but very nice and we all had sea views from our balconies.
    We had a very nice dinner in the hotel but ordering took a little time due to the translation of menus and the numerous languages spoken by the Carver Owners Club members
    View over the sea from hotel Miramar Spain
    View over the sea at night from hotel Miramar Spain
    Late Wednesday Sean from Ireland turned up but unfortunately without his Carver as he is having a fight with the insurance companies about insuring it. So several flights and a hire car later he arrived.
    Well done Sean, what a commitment to the Carver cause.
    Total now nine people, six Carvers and a hire car.
    Nikhil from India turned up bearing Carver Owners Club (CVR-OC) merchandise - pens and coasters with the club logo on (which he had liberated from the Internet but I did not mind). His travelling partner who was driving the hire car grabbed some sleep as he was tired from the trip. So now we had 11 people, six carvers and two hire cars.
    The Spanish contingent Tino and his brother Miguel had already let me know that they would not be turning up until Thursday evening
    but when they did this made a total of 13 people, seven Carvers and two hire cars.
    The Spanish Carver arrived in Style in a space age trailer.
    There are a couple of videos from the event on YouTube
    • 10 Years Carver'ing - Pisco de Europa Volume 1
    • 10 Years Carver'ing - Pisco de Europa Volume 2
    Spanish Owned Bright blue Carver One

    Photo - Nice blue Spanish Carver

    Sleek space age trailer to transport Carver One

    Photo - Space age trailer for the Spanish Carver

    As the weather on the Thursday morning was still a little wet and the mountains were covered in cloud, I decided to change the routes around and do route 2 on day 1 and route 1 on day 2. This also meant that the Spanish owners could do the best route when they arrived.
    The Routes
    Route one that the Carver Ones took
    Route two that the Carver Ones took
    Route three that the Carver Ones took
    Five Carver Ones White Blue Red Blue White parked outside lunch stop
    Photo - Day 1 lunch stop
    Highlights from day 1:-
    Sean kidnapped Freddi's wife in Nikhil's hire car whilst he was getting a ride in the back of Freddi's Carver
    The €10 two course set lunch was huge and great value for money
    The unbelievable roads esp. up to the dam.
    Narrow twisty main road ideal for Carver One

    Photo - Twisty roads around the dam

    Three Carver Ones and thier owner at 1260 meters
    Photo - A little colder up here
    Four Carver Ones in a line at a viewing point

    Photo - What views

    Highlights from day 2:-
    The lovely roads, views, corners
    Everything was just fantastic.
    Three tight hairpin bends in the road ideal for Carver One

    Photo - Some of the technical corners for Carver'ing

    Later in the afternoon there was a mutiny lead by his Lordship as he wanted to see a lake and did not like the road surface up to the main Picos de Europa. He was followed by Monty and Freddi but Adrie stuck with us and soon the rough road became some of the smoothest road I have driven on with fantastic corners. We enjoyed ourselves so much that our DVC oil started to boil with the heat and the high altitude, so we stopped to admire the view.
    Road changing for poor rough tarmac to smoot
    Photo - Rough road changing to smooth
    road sign showing corners on smooth road surface

    Photo - Smoothest road with road sign Carvers love

    Landscape view of the Picos de Europa montains

    Photo - The Picos de Europa

    Spanish locals at coffee shop admiring Carver Ones
    Photo - Locals interested in Carvers
    We met back up with the rebel group for a coffee where the locals were very interested in the Carvers. One lucky local (attractive girl) even got a ride in a Carver. The locals even invited us to their BBQ the following day but we could not go as we had to go back to our home countries.
    On Day 3 we packed up and left the hotel around lunch time and did a revised route 3 so we could take a look at the lake the rebel group had driven to. However we got held up by four cyclists with a police escort, so by the time we had lunch at 15:30 we needed to get our feet down to make the 24hr ferry back to the UK.
    Plate of Spanish food fried eggs sea snakes eels on chips with garlic oil
    Photo - My interesting lunch of snakes (sea snake / eels), chips, fried eggs and garlic
    What a great event that only had a few minor challenges
    Clara (J8CVR) was leaking some fluid from the front and it did not smell like DVC so the best guess from the CCPS hotline was it could be the master clutch cylinder that was leaking. Should we go home or go on? Even with the poor weather and crossing forecast we thought we should go on since we had spent so much time and effort planning the event.
    Nikhil from India had bought a Carver in Germany (with an unknown service history) and picked it up on route to Spain, but in Belgium he had problems with the pulley and belt and had to leave it in a small town and continue by hire car to Spain. What a valiant effort Nikhil, thanks for attending and the gifts.
    The Spanish Carver had a flat battery. Eventually we jump started it but the battery was completely dead and needed replacing. After a few hours standing in the sun eating ice creams a battery was located but…….

    Being Spain they have a long lunch so we left the Spanish owners with Sean and his hire car and continued the route whilst they had a nice lunch and awaited for the shop to open.
    Miguel try to fix Carver One battery

    Photo - Miguel blaming Tino for killing the battery

    Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come along, hope you all enjoyed it?
    I know some did as they want to make it an annual or bi-annual event.

    And a massive thanks to Angie (the wife) for sorting hotels, ferries etc and to CCPS for ensuring that Carvers were ready for the trip.
  • Carver Owners Club membership hits the target (100 Carvers)

    This is a big milestone in the Carver Owners Club (CVR-OC) history

    The Carver Owners Club (CVR-OC) membership continues to grow. I have continued trawling (google'ing, bing'ing, Facebook'ing, Linkedin'ing, emailing, etc) the Internet when time allows to find any mention of Carvers and then digging around to find contact information, but it now seems more and more owners are finding us.

    For quite a while the CVR-OC members totalled around 20 members owning about 25 carvers between them and were mainly in the UK and Ireland. Then we started to find more owners around the world and at the beginning of 2017 we numbered about 55 Carvers shared across 47 owners. My ambition for the club is still to find all the Carvers in the world (circa 200).

    Now the latest membership figures are 100 Carvers (some of which are van den Brink Carvers and now……) from around the world, from UK through Europe to the middle east, and now India and all the way to New Zealand.

    So my previous news statement "Hopefully next year I can report that we have 50% (approx. 12 van den Brink & 100 Carver Ones) of the Carvers in the club" has happened

    If you are a Carver owner, or know of a Carver owner, it would be great to hear from you. And if you are an owner you can join the Carver Owners Club anytime - registration is easy and it's totally free!

    The Carver Owners Club could not have done this without the help and support of Club Carver Parts and Service (CCPS)

    CCPS have a reliable source of spares and services, run by fellow Carver owners and all backed up with excellent technical knowledge gained from years of experience maintaining their own cars.

    CCPS is run as a club and not for profit so I ask all owners to help support it to ensure we can keep our Carvers flying the road.

    Now I need to finish sorting things for the 10th anniversary year of Carver Ones, with the trip to Spain in May 2017 for a get together.

    And as Monty Python would say "and now for something completely different (well not quite)

    The 100th Carver to join the Carver Owners Club is one of the prototypes from 1999
    Carver One prototype from 1999 in 2017 needing some restoration work
    Carver One prototype from 1999 tiliting
  • 2Drive Germany business closed down and TVS suspended trading for the time being

    Please see below news from CCPS with regards to the closure of  2Drive's business and TVS suspending trading for the time being.
    If you know of any other Carver owners in your country who need to know about this and who have not yet joined the Carver Owners Club (CVR-OC) can you please forward this email to them.  
    We would like to encourage all Carver owners to join the Owners Club ( so that they can take advantage of the Parts & Services now available from CCPS.

    At the moment the Club is in contact with the owners of 80 Carvers worldwide - it would be great to get in touch with the remaining 120 in the near future!
    Important news regarding Parts & Servicing for Carver One owners...

    2Drive business closed down

    As many of you know, back in 2009 when the original Carver company ceased to trade, 2Drive entered into prolonged negotiations with ACU and the receivers to ensure that supply of parts to existing owners could be continued. As part of that arrangement 2Drive established workshops at Uberherrn, to provide comprehensive maintenance and repair facilities. A licensing deal was also agreed with Carver Technology for the DVC system, enabling new Carvers too be built into the foreseeable future. The revised Carver business was incorporated into 2Drive and additional offices were established in Uberherrn, together with an expanded labour force for the workshops.

    2Drive's Carver business was very successful for maintenance and repair work, but during 2015 it became apparent to both 2Drive and ACU that the new build business (based on hand-built rather than factory assembled cars) was not really commercially viable in the long term. At the same time, ACU made a surprise announcement that they were selling the building which 2Drive rented on their site - this meant that the service workshops also had to be re-located at very short notice.

    2Drive decided that the best option going forward was to find suitable investment partners (and preferably Carver owners too) who would take on the responsibility for supply of parts and servicing going forward. In the autumn of 2015, 2Drive agreed an arrangement with a UK investor (an existing owner of three Carvers) who was prepared to buy the parts and to setup a full maintenance and repair facility in the UK. This has now come to fruition in the setup of CCPS - Club Carver Parts & Service, who are committed to providing a first class service to all Carver owners worldwide.

    2016 was a very busy year for 2Drive, establishing these arrangements on behalf of all Carver owners and ensuring continued supply of parts. 2Drive’s vision was always to build new cars, but given the costs involved, there was simply not enough demand to make this a realistic business proposition. Harry Stuedemann therefore decided to close the 2Drive business and this took place at the end of January 2017, in the full knowledge that 2Drive's Carver customers would continue to be well served by CCPS.

    Whilst CCPS are now fully established in the UK, we recognise that a central European service facility would be beneficial to many owners, eliminating the need to transport vehicles to the UK for standard servicing work. As a result of 2Drive’s closure and with the news that TVS (Tilting Vehicle Support) have suspended trading for the time being, CCPS are now considering a number of alternatives for European servicing, with a view to making an announcement on this in the very near future.

    For all your Carver One needs in the meantime, please contact CCPS directly - we will always be happy to help.

    CCPS – February 2017
  • Carver Owners Club membership quadruples in six months
    The Carver Owners Club (CVR-OC) membership is growing. Over the winter months in the UK I have been trawling (google'ing, bing'ing, Facebook'ing, Linkedin'ing, emailing, etc) the Internet to find any mention of Carvers and then digging around to find contact information

    For quite a while the CVR-OC members totalled around 20 members owning about 25 carvers between them and were mainly in the UK and Ireland, but my ambition for the club is to find all the Carvers in the world ;-)

    And I will go to some lengths to find these owners. In fact, I went around the world to find a couple of them back in October 2016 (From United Kingdom to New Zealand and back again)

    Now the latest membership figures are 55 Carvers (three of which are van den Brink Carvers) across 47 members from around the world, but we are also now aware of five other owners and about 15 other Carvers.
    Hopefully next year I can report that we have 50% (approx. 12 van den Brink & 100 Carver Ones) of the Carvers in the club

    If you are a Carver owner, it would be great to hear from you. And you can join the Carver Owners Club anytime - registration is easy and it's totally free!

    Of course, what has really helped the renewed interest / revival of Carvers is the news about Club Carver Parts and Service (CCPS)
    We now have a reliable source of spares and services, run by fellow Carver owners and all backed up with excellent technical knowledge gained from years of experience maintaining their own cars.
    CCPS is run as a club and not for profit so I ask all owners to help support it to ensure we can keep our Carvers flying the road.

    Also don’t forget this is the 10th anniversary year of Carvers and we are planning our trip to Spain in May 2017 for a get together. If you are a Carver owner and you wish to attend this event please get in touch.
  • Important Announcement from Club Carver regarding supply of Carver spare parts
    We wish to bring to the attention of all Carver owners and service providers that the total stocks of Carver parts held in Uberherrn, Germany have now been purchased from ACU, and have been transported to a new storage facility in the UK.  ACU were expecting far greater volumes of new car orders, which sadly never materialised and it therefore became uneconomic for them to continue to hold the parts.  To avoid any risk that the parts would be scrapped, lengthy negotiations to secure the parts were conducted and eventually a purchase contract was agreed with ACU in Spring of this year.  The specialist Carver service and test equipment was also purchased as part of the deal.

    Once the UK storage unit was built, transportation began in earnest during the summer and the last truck from Uberherrn was unloaded at the end of October.   The task of sorting and cataloguing the spares is now well underway and we hope to have most of this work completed by Christmas, to be fully operational by the end of January 2017. 
    As some of you know, Club Carver already offer a full servicing facility in Wales and now all the parts are directly on hand, we can provide every Carver owner with supply of parts and servicing for maintenance and repairs in a timely and efficient manner.  Throughout this process we have discovered some low stock levels for certain essential parts and we have already started a re-stocking programme - our aim is to eventually provide a 48-hour turnaround time from order to dispatch for all parts.   Of course In the short term, there may be some delays in parts being shipped due to the un-packing, sorting and cataloguing involved.... so bear with us please!
    The move to the UK is good news for all, because the parts are now managed by enthusiastic Carver owners, whose only mission is to allow all our cars to 'fly
    the road' for many years to come.  Because Club Carver Parts & Service (CCPS) only operate on a 'club' basis, please ensure you firstly register your car with Jonathan Bedford at the CVR-OC (Carver Owners Club).   Membership of CVR-OC is free and available to all Carver owners worldwide.
    With a vast range of parts available now, don't hesitate to contact Club Carver with your requirements for parts or servicing or both.  See the Contact Info page for our new email address

    For CVR-OC membership please contact Jonathan Bedford, CVR-OC President see the Contact Info page or you can message him via Facebook on the Carver One Fan Club group.

    Further bulletins will be forthcoming soon, including the launch of a new dedicated website for CCPS, a sellers and buyers register and the possibility of some special pricing offers on certain stock items next year.
    Fly The Road forever....
Carver Owners Club