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What is a Carver One?

The Carver One is a two seater, tilting three wheeled vehicle using an automatic balancing technology to balance the passenger compartment under all conditions. For further information on this amazing vehicle see What are Carver Ones and WikiPedia

What is the Carver Owners Club?

The Carver Owners Club is for all owners of Carver Ones, Vandenbrink (van den Brink - VDB) and all derivatives worldwide.

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The Carver Owners Club's Aims and Objectives:

• to link up owners of Carvers (all variants (Vandenbrink, Carver One, Phiaro Eternity P67b, etc) to help keep them flying the road (and sky in the case of the Pal-V)
• organise events / meetings / rallies
• provide news / updates around the world of Carvers
• maintain a worldwide register of cars and owners

The Carver Owners Club (CVR-OC rather than COC as James May might say) is the definitive site for all Carver Owners.

Looking to buy or sell a Carver? Please see our Buying and Selling page

Already own a Carver and not in the Club? Please see how to join the club

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For Carver One Fans there is a Facebook group Carver One Fan Club
Photo from the front of Carver at 45 degrees tilt going around a corner
Photo from the rear of Carver at 45 degrees tilt going around a corner
Carver Owners Club