How to Join the Carver Owners Club (CVR-OC)

Joining the Club is easy and there are no membership fees.  Download and complete the simple membership form here (also shown on Downloads page)
You will need to provide the VIN (Vehicle identification Number) for your car and you can easily get this information in one of two ways:
  1. There is an identification plate fixed to the body, behind the rear lights on the left hand side - see pictures below.
  2. The VIN will also be shown on your vehicle registration document.
Most Carver One VINs are prefixed "XNEC1EUJB" followed by an 8-digit number - we only need the last 3 numbers to identify your car.
So for example XNEC1EUJB06000002 would be VIN002

For Vandenbrink Carvers (which start with XL9CAR000) we need the next 2 numbers
So for example XL9CAR00009333001 would be VDB09 (note prefix VDB rather than VIN)

For other Carvers Ones starting WEGTPS or TPS, then TPS55010046 would be VIN10046 and WEGTPS550EXXX0002 would be VINX0002

Pictures of where to find your Carver's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Shows from a distance where to find VIN plate
Shows close up where to find VIN plate
Shows example Carver One VIN plate
Carver Owners Club